About the VODAN ToT

Objective of the Training of Trainers

This Training of Trainers (ToT) is set up to provide support to data stewards so that they can help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first course will focus on awareness, and include subjects like: what does FAIR data stewardship entail? What are FAIR data? What is a Semantic Data model? What is a FAIR Data point?

This will be followed by a course how to set up a FAIR data point. Other courses will follow shortly.

The training sub objectives are to:

  • Help prepare ministries and institutions for publishing FAIR (meta)data regarding the pandemic;
  • Ensure that universities and institutions with medical data have capacities to assist the navigation of the crisis with quality data;
  • Ensure that data stewardship is carried out under strict adherence to the governance and regulatory framework of the country and institution where the data belong;
  • Enable data to be analysed in combination with data available globally;
  • Ensure quality data for AI solutions to help deal with the pandemic.
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